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Great Football Season Promos

October 29th 2012

Posted by Bryan McCormick

It’s my favorite time of year!  Football season!

This year, my Broncos are enjoying a rare non-divisional match up when they travel to Charlotte to take on the Panthers.   This is a pretty big game for me, as our corporate offices are in Charlotte--filled with Panther fans.  As the self-appointed “Biggest Broncos Fan” (EVER!) here at Activate,  I figure it’s a good time to highlight some of the cool game day giveaways we’ve done with the Panthers, as well as showcase a couple cool products from our partners that are sure to get your brand noticed when you’re cheering on your favorite team!

Whether it’s the Broncos, the Panthers, or even the local high school football team, we’ve got some awesome ideas to help you Activate your game day!

Here’s some of my favorite game day accessories:


Rollabanner:  In conjunction with the Carolina Panthers, we provided Rollabanners to all of their fans as a game day giveaway. The promotion minimized cannibalization of game day merchandise sales, and was viewed as a huge success on both the Panthers' and fans' side of the ball.

The Rollabanners are offered by BamBams:


The Bam Bag:  Activate your brand with a bang!  The Bam Bag is great for all cheering events. You can purchase mementos and gifts to store in the bag and tear off the BamBams to cheer on your team!


Bam Bags are also offered by BamBams:


Spirit fingers from Coverlugg:

And finally…this one from our partners at Towel Specialties. A combination hooded poncho, backpack, and blanket all-in-one.


Bob OffordOct 29, 10:15am

Hey Jami… Looking forward to you attending the upcoming Bronco-Panthers game here in Charlotte - could be an upset in the making!!!

Jami SheehanOct 31, 1:21pm

Hey Bob! Peyton is looking good and commanding our offense! I'm hoping to get revenge this time, since the last time we played the Panthers in 2008, we lost. Go Broncos!

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